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美联邦参议员范士丹回复华裔学者 支持一中   2018-02-15 00:21:56

美国联邦参议员范士丹(Dianne Feinstein)(中评社资料图片)
  中评社洛杉矶2月14日电(记者 宋楷文)就美国联邦参议院外交关系委员会于当地时间2月7日无异议通过“台湾旅行法(Taiwan Travel Act HR 535)”草案,美国亚太事务智库理事研究员、中美论坛社社长张文基教授等美华裔学者致信给重量级联邦参议员范士丹(Dianne Feinstein)女士和参议员Harris等,呼吁其在参议院全院表决时,对“台湾旅行法”说“不”!表明作为华裔美国公民群体反对该草案的立场。 

  该信由中美论坛社社务委员陈立家(Richard 理查德)代表美华裔学者用英文书就。详见中评社日前报道《美华裔学者呼吁对台湾旅行法说不》。



  再次感谢你们的来信,如果你们还有更多的评论,请随时参阅我的网站 http:/Feinstein. Senate.gov或联络我的办公室 202-224-3841



Dear Richard:
   Thank you so much for writing to share with me your concerns regarding U.S. policy towards the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome this opportunity to share with you my views on this important issue.
I believe that the United States must maintain a policy of engagement with China. It is my view that in order to positively influence China in the areas of human rights, political freedom, and security issues, the United States must not call into question our standing policy of engagement with China every time a controversial issue or disagreement arises.
I also support the "One China" policy that we have upheld since the signing of the Shanghai Communique in 1972. This policy is based, in part, on the understanding that China will seek to resolve its differences with Taiwan through peaceful means. The "One China" policy has worked well: the United States and China have been able to conduct normal relations befitting two great powers, the U.S. and Taiwan have developed extensive economic and cultural ties, and Taiwan has prospered and become a model for fledgling democracies.
I fully support the development of a democratic Taiwan and the absolute necessity of a peaceful resolution of its differences with China. Please know that I will continue to closely monitor the situation between Taiwan and China and should legislation regarding this issue come before the Senate, I will be sure to keep your views in mind. 
Again, thank you for writing. If you have any more comments, feel free to visit my website at, or contact my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224 3841.
Sincerely yours,

 Dianne Feinstein
 United States Senator

 戴安 •范士丹(Dianne Feinstein)出生于1933年6月22日,自1992年起一直担任民主党籍资深美国联邦参议员,代表美国人口最多、经济最发达的加利福尼亚州。此前她是美国旧金山首位女市长。 

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